Real World Procurement in the UAE – Supplier Management and Proving Your Value

We told you here about the BravoSolution Real World Procurement (RWP) session titled “Next Generation Supplier Management” on September 14th in London. We will be looking at some of the latest thinking and developments in the supplier management field, including collaboration with the supply market and routes to capture supplier innovation

But for any readers in the Middle East, you have a chance to attend the same session (or something very close) in Abu Dhabi on September 21st at the excellent St Regis Abu Dhabi hotel (see picture taken in the lobby). That is courtesy of Tejari, the BravoSolution joint venture in the region, who run these Real World Procurement series in the Emirates with Guy Allen and myself, with 8 sessions in total through the year across two venues. You can sign up here for the event. It runs from 4pm – 7pm, with excellent food and networking part of the event.

The day before, on the 20th September, I’m in Dubai with another RWP session. Unusually for us, this is one where the debut is actually the Dubai ‘show’ rather than London – we will be running it in London on November 30th. The session will be held at the Hotel Sofitel, The Palm (at Palm Jumeirah), again from 4 – 7pm. That is another amazing venue, I should say. The title of this session is “Proving Your Procurement Value” and you can find out more details or book here.

Through 2016, Guy Allen and I have been talking about the core processes for procurement as part of the RWP series. So we have covered supplier management, skills, purchase to pay, and sourcing. But this one is all about how procurement functions and people can convince the business, their stakeholders and top management, of the value we bring.

Procurement can do amazing things, great deals, manage suppler relationships well, have a really slick P2P system … but if others in the organisation don’t understand what we do and don’t see and understand the benefits of what we are doing, then we have a problem. That comes down to a number of elements. We need to understand ourselves how we add value; we need to plan and track activities; we must monitor performance; we need to produce convincing measures of performance (and no, “savings” is not good enough); and we need to communicate and “sell” what we do to those stakeholders.

So that’s what we will be covering on the 20th in Dubai. We think this is an important session for everyone in procurement, from buyers through to the CPO, who definitely should be interested in this, as it is central to their own success.

You can find out more about the Dubai and Abu Dhabi sessions via those links, and we look forward to seeing some of our readers later this month.

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