Real World Sourcing with BravoSolution – “Assessing the Function” is next

The most recent of the Bravo Real World Sourcing Series events was in June, with Guy Allen leading on e-auctions – a great session. It seemed then that it would be ages till the next event – the other side of the summer holidays, the Olympics....

But in the flash of a Bolt, we’re suddenly only three weeks away from that next session, and I have to write my material (I’m leading this one). So I’ve been working over the weekend on it – the topic this time is “Assessing the Procurement Function”.

What we mean by that is how you can get some sort of measure of the strength of the function. And it is one of those seemingly simple topics that gets more complex the more you think and dig into it.

How do you determine what you’re assessing against? Should every procurement function aspire to be “world-class” (in itself a much over-used term, I’d suggest)? Is it better to get independent assessment or is self-assessment feasible and better for organisational learning? Can l benefit from numerical benchmarking metrics or are they too generic to be useful?

All interesting questions which we’ll get into on September 5th in central London.  I think there are two or three places left if you’re interested (see here).

As well as the hard content, the sessions so far have been very good networking opportunities for delegates - and you get a decent lunch too! But if you can't make it, Bravo will be publishing the slides afterwards and we’ll be writing about it here.

I would appreciate some readers’ input however. I’ve been out of the loop for a while – what are the most used big procurement benchmarking studies these days? I remember the Arizona / ISM work; and various consulting forums are well known – I’m planning to mention the A.T. Kearney study. But what other broad benchmarking programmes are out there? I don’t mean the more specific surveys in areas like SRM (State of Flux, Future Purchasing, etc.) I’m thinking of those that purport to give you a broad picture of your performance.

Answers via comments or email me directly at psmith (at) if you’d rather. Input much appreciated!

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  1. Andrew Cox:


    I read this with interest. Surely you cannot have forgotten our leading PSCM Index organisational process assessment/benchmarking and ICA Index individual competence assessment/benchmarking tools?

    If you need more details I can defiinitely send you some!

    As ever


    1. Peter Smith:

      You may well get a mention during the session…! And in the slides… watch this space.

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