Real World Sourcing – BravoSolution and Spend Matters launch new education programme

I'm involved in an exciting initiative this year which we're launching formally today. It's called the "Real World Sourcing Series", and it's a series of expert brieifng events organised and promoted by BravoSolution, erstwhile procurement software and services providers.

Along with me, Guy Allen is leading the development and delivery of the briefings - we reported here on his new appointment with 4C but previously he has been one of the UK's leading  CPOs, with high profile roles at Abbey National, Santander and Fujitsu. Guy will provide the perspective of a current senior practitioner in our profession.

The Series consists of 6 events spread though 2012. Each will involve a one-hour presentation-based briefing session, followed by some time for discussion and a small amount of delegate work. Did I mention the very good lunch as well? The sessions will be practical rater than theoretical or academic, based on - yes, you've guessed - our "real -life" experience of some 40+ years of procurement between us.

We've chosen six topics we think are particularly relevant for senior procurement practitioners this year, from Spend Analysis, to assessing the strength of your own procurement function. While each session may appeal to slightly different groups of procurement folk, in general we've aimed it at mid- to senior managers, public or private sectors, but that could include people who have come into the function from elsewhere into a management position, or procurement "lifers"!

Guy and I are splitting the development and delivery work; so I'm leading the first session, "Taking on a New Category" on February 29th 2012 at Kettners in Soho (central London).  We'll be looking at the challenges facing a category manager moving into a "new" area, whether it is a totally greenfield site for procurement or one that has been previously examined. How can you ensure that you make an impact, for the sake of your organisation - and for your own career?

Thanks to Bravo, the fee is a nominal £39 per session for early booking - we almost made it free but we wanted an incentive for  people who book to actually turn up, as we think we'll be over-subscribed. You can book for all six sessions for a frankly amazing £199!

The session material will also be available on-line afterwards if you can't make it, and participants can complete a short assessment process which leads to online certification (which may help with continuous professional development requirements). Bravo are even putting up a Scholarship award for one lucky participant (see their site for more details)!  We hope some people will attend most or all the sessions and see it as a significant development opportunity; or you may want to simply select one or two that are most relevant to your current needs.

Anyway, do take a look at the full details here and we hope to see many of you for some Real World Sourcing.

(And do tell your staff, friends, colleagues about it)!


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