Real World Sourcing – making a success of e-auctions

We’d intended to promote the next BravoSolution Real World Sourcing event here today – it’s on Spend Analysis and will be presented by Guy Allen, ex Fujitsu CPO and now a partner at 4C Associates. (Guy and I are splitting the workload over this series of six sessions).

But it is now sold out I’m afraid, perhaps relflecting the fact that this is a pretty hot topic at the moment. So you’ll have to wait for the slides after the event on April 18th if you want to know all about the power of Spend Analysis and the different ways it can drive procurement performance improvement.

But there are a few places left for session 3 – "Running Successful e-Auctions". That is scheduled for May 30th, 11am till around 2pm. Again, it will be presented by Guy, and it is a topic where he has considerable real life experience. In fact, I know he’s used auctions as a key strategy to build the credibility of the procurement function, and himself as a new CPO, more than once.

I’ll let him tell you the whole story, but there will be some good lessons from a positioning the function point of view, as well as the more “technical” aspects of how you can make sure that auctions work and deliver the results you want.

The event is again being held at Kettners in Soho, and the ridiculously generous early booking rate of £39 includes a jolly good lunch, with some excellent networking opportunities, as well as the working session. We’re not using the old marketing trick when we say there are just a handful of places left – it’s true - so book here quickly if you’re interested!

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  1. Rob Lees:

    Less than £200 to see a speaker of Guy’s calibre? Plus five hours’ distraction-free work time on the train? It’s a billy bargain!

    The business case for your boss just needs you to apply even one of Guy’s excellent ideas when you get back on an eEvent and you’re bound to save that much…

  2. Plan Bee:

    Blimey, that is North of London

    1. Dan:

      Tell me about it. Somehow I can’t see my employers paying £130+ for train fare, £39 for the entrance fee and the costs of a possible overnight stay…

      1. Final Furlong:

        You buy a house for that, up there…

        1. Dan:

          Even less in some cases.

          I wish I was joking…

  3. Sarah Clarke:

    Hi Dan – It’s definitely something we are thinking of, but it’s likely that this will happen much later in 2012, or start in 2013. Where abouts are you based?

    1. Dan:


  4. Dan:

    I would like to attend these, but are there any plans to hold them north of London?

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