Real World Sourcing — Owning the Space

Our guest writer and co-presenter in the Real World Sourcing series, Guy Allen, Managing Director at Real World Sourcing Ltd, gives us an overview of yesterday's session, "Owning the Space," with links to download the accompanying slide presentation.

Yesterday we went global. At the exact same time of day, Peter and I were presenting Real World Sourcing sessions, albeit thousands of miles apart. Peter had the more glamorous location in Abu Dhabi, here's what he had to say. However I have no complaints about the London briefing, held once again at the fabulous DonRestaurant in the City.

My session was ‘Owning the Space’ and was focused on building good working relationships with Key Stakeholders. The slides can be found here, free on registration. To be fair I owe a large debt of gratitude to Christopher Barrat who presented recently on the subject … remember plagiarism is flattery Christopher!

I tried to come at this subject from a different angle and talked about the foundations of Stakeholder Engagement. You have to prepare the ground before you can have effective relationships, and I see the foundations as having three cornerstones.

First off you have to position yourself, and ‘own your space’. Your organisation has hired you to do a specific role -- grab it with both hands and don’t be diverted. Secondly you need to position your organisation. This cornerstone is all about understanding the abilities and qualities of the team you have available, and how they are perceived by the organisation. Final foundation is aligning yourself to the organisation; a prerequisite to this is understanding your 3 to 5 key strategic objectives and making sure you align to procurements aims to those objectives. Also give some thought to the type of language you use (avoid procurement speak) and the personality types of those you are meeting.

It all seemed to go down well: good questions and lively debate on the tables.  I look forward to the nest session, run by Peter on the 17th September covering ‘Procurement Skills and Careers – the Next 10 Years.’ I hope to see you there.

(The next session ‘Procurement Skills and Careers – the Next 10 Years,’ is with Peter Smith on September 17.
You can book here)

You can also access the short (10 questions) ‘test’ on the material. Remember, BravoSolution kindly offers a £2,500 scholarship , to be spent on training and education, to the person who scores the best in these tests over the 6 sessions in 2014.


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