Real World Sourcing Series Returns for 2015, Courtesy BravoSolution and Tejari

We’re delighted to say that the BravoSolution Real World Sourcing briefing series is back again for 2015! Guy Allen (previously CPO at Santander and Fujitsu) and I will be presenting six sessions between us through 2015 in the UK, and four (two each) in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with Tejari, the BravoSolution joint venture in that region.

The first events in the calendar are actually in the Emirates. In just a couple of weeks’ time, Guy will be in Dubai on February 3rd talking about Owning the Space (that is all about how to manage stakeholders and achieve internal influence) and in Abu Dhabi on the 4th where the topic is Risk Management in the Supply Chain.

The UK programme starts on March 11th, with me leading off on Spend Analytics: The Next Generation

Then we have:

  • Category Management, a Fresh Look on 29th April.
  • New Approaches to Negotiation  on 3rd June
  • Mastering the Supplier Performance and Relationship Continuum on 16th September
  • Preparing Procurement for Disruptive Change on 14th October
  • Quick Wins for the New Procurement Leader on 25th November

More details here.

If you haven’t attended any previously, the format seems to work very well. We assemble for coffee around 11am, and then we have about an hour or slightly more of presentation with some delegate involvement and Q&A, followed by a very good networking lunch. Usually, we’ll suggest a certain topic for debate over lunch and pick up the outputs from that over coffee or will have some more plenary discussion at that point. We close at around 2 pm and you can get back to the office - although the debates about the finer points of SRM or procurement governance have been known to continue on in the bar next door...

As this year is our fourth in the UK, we have thought hard about getting topics that will appeal, whether or not you have previously attended. So some of the sessions will see us getting back into something we have covered in the past, but looking to go deeper and bring you right up to date with the latest thinking.

So in Spend Analytics, for instance, we will look well beyond the basic compliance management and “spend cube” thinking and get into advanced analytics and its benefits; for instance, using big data for detecting fraud, assessing the performance of subsets of your supply base, identifying supplier errors, and linking spend with outcomes in the public sector context.

When we look at the latest thinking on negotiation, it will be taking the work of Nobel Prize winner Dr Daniel Kahneman as our basis for the session. He is a psychologist by training but won the Prize for Economics by proving that humans do not behave rationally when making economic decisions. Very relevant to what we do in procurement! I’m really looking forward to that, I may even try a bit of Derren Brown type “magic”, and I guarantee that will be a fascinating topic.

We have a new venue this year – the Jugged Hare near the Barbican in the City of London (see picture). I haven’t eaten there, but if BravoSolution have chosen it, I know the food will be good too. You can book for the whole series now here, or individual sessions; there is a small fee, really just to encourage people to turn up rather than just booking on the off chance they can make it. And BravoSolution kindly will again be offering the Real World Scholarship, worth £2500 to spend on training and development, to the person who scores best on the short follow-up “tests” we set on each session.

We are looking forward to seeing some old friends and some new faces at the Jugged Hare. Do book now - I think four of the six sessions last year sold out well before the event, so don’t delay.

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