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We featured a guest post recently from Alis Sindbjerg Hemmingsen who runs Responsible Procurement Excellence, a consulting / advisory firm based in Copenhagen.

We haven’t met, but I’m really impressed by her website and the free e-guides she’s put together covering a number of different aspects of “responsible procurement”. That term incorporates  all the sustainability and corporate social responsibility issues we’ve seen come to the fore over recent years. But too often these issues are seen as separate from the “normal” business of building a successful business and making a profit.

So another aspect of her work I admire is how clearly she links the desire most of us have to “do the right thing” for our current and future brethren on earth, with the business imperatives behind responsible procurement. It’s not cynical to suggest that our organisations can benefit directly from procurement people thinking and acting in a responsible manner.

The first of her publications we’re featuring is her introductory guide – Understanding Responsible Procurement and Creating Value. In it, she looks at the key elements of responsible procurement – economic, social and environmental - and explains why it can bring tangible benefits to the organisation. She lays out a powerful template for a business case to implement Responsible Procurement, clearly describing the value drivers, which she puts under the headings of risk, innovation and efficiency.  Finally, she highlights some common pitfalls with programmes in this field.

It is a useful and impressive document – a lot of content, but succinct at 14 pages and very easy to browse, or read more carefully to really learn about the topic. It’s available here from her website, free on registration. And I’d also compliment her on general readability and design of the guide, which puts my typical research report or briefing paper to shame!

Anyway, we hope to have further guest blogs from Hemmingsen, and we’ll feature more of her guides as well in the future.

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