Rethinking Procurement Data, ISM Conference, P&G’s Supplier Finance Strategy

It was an exciting week for the Spend Matters US headquarters in Chicago. We have given up our ramshackle IKEA chairs for streamlined, ergonomic Herman Miller Aeron swivel chairs - does this mean we’re a real office now?? (Check back later today for the whole story) Aligned spines aside, there’s a lot of other stuff going on too:

Pierre Mitchell wrote an open letter to the WSJ about their article on how “big companies pinch suppliers on payments.” He says:

“It is my view that P&G is trying to create value here thoughtfully.  I don’t come to praise P&G like many P&G disciples, but I also won’t bury it and throw it under the bus for its recent efforts.  In fact, I thought it would be worth writing down a list – it ended up being ten lessons long – in which some of the ways P&G’s working capital programs show how the invisible hand can be used to create a larger pie rather than just changing the size of the slices.”

We invite you to download our thoughtful response to the WSJ’s coverage: P&G: A Case Study of Supply Management’s “Non-Invisible” Hand in 10 Easy Lessons.

What if there were a “Siri” for procurement data? Imagine the possibilities…

Catch SM US at ISM next week. The whole US Spend Matters analyst team, Jason Busch, Thomas Kase, and Pierre Mitchell, are converging in Dallas, TX next week for ISM’s 98th Annual International Supply Management Conference.

How should procurement respond to the adage “think globally but act locally?” One of our current research papers tackles that question and more.

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