The return of Supplierforce; more forceful than ever?

You may remember that Supplierforce, the Dublin-based Supplier Information Management (SIM) firm were one of our initial Associate Sponsors here at Spend Matters UK / Europe.

Unfortunately, that was a short-lived relationship, as the firm went into administration last November - based it seemed more on the state of the Irish economy and funding issues than around the strength of their products or ability to drive customer growth.

I'm personally delighted therefore, particularly for Declan Kearney, the Supplierforce founder, that Dun & Bradstreet has announced that they've bought the assets and IP out of liquidation, and it also appears part of the management and all of the "customer support" team will be joining D&B.

The key transaction details are:

  • Supplierforce is operating as a geographically focused solution-set within D&B (not an independent division)
  • Further to the transition -- and despite going through liquidation -- the Supplierforce platform (and customer facing team) is still intact and is now a part of D&B
  • Development is still continuing on the existing Supplierforce technology platform
  • All customers have come over as part of the transition

Jason Busch at Spend Matters US has spoken to Kearney and has posted two excellent pieces about the move, its implications, and why the D & B / Supplierforce combo is worth considering as a SIM provider in Europe.

Jason's posts are here and here - well worth a read.

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