Richard Hogg takes the UK lead for BravoSolution

We caught up with BravoSolution recently, and they told us that 2011 had been a “pretty good” year, with 40 new customers in the UK for instance, although interestingly, and perhaps not surprisingly, their developing markets showed stronger growth than Europe. As a European (Italian) firm in terms of ownership and origins, they consider the USA as a developing market, which makes a change from most software firms, and the USA was particularly positive for them last year.

They were also understandably very pleased with their recent contract win to provide a spend analysis platform to UK (central) Government – this could be very significant although the jury is still out in terms of just how widely this work will spread across the public sector.

The Middle East is another region of great interest and potential, and in recognition of this, Nader Sabbaghian, the BravoSolution CEO, is going to be based in that region in 2012 (he has been London based up to now). The Middle East is a very exciting market (perhaps in more ways than one..) and we’ve seen a lot of activity for European / US procurement software and consulting firms in the region recently, as both private and public sectors in those countries look to professionalise their procurement processes, people and operations.

Richard Hogg, UK Supremo

With Nader’s move, and to make sure the UK isn't left rudderless, Bravo have promoted Richard Hogg to General Manager, UK. Richard is a very good guy – he’s been at Bravo for seven years, and was an engineer by training. He’s also highly competent and likeable, with a good sense of humour and I've found him to have a strong  understanding of practical procurement issues - he relates to practitioners very well. He’ll do a great job, I’m sure.

So congratulations to him, good luck and much success to Nader, and next week we’ve got some exciting  further news about Spend Matters’ work with BravoSolution – look out for that.

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  1. Christine Morton:

    Richard is a really good guy. Congrats to him!

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