Risk Management in the Supply Chain – get the slides from last week’s event here

So last week saw the first 2014 BravoSolution Real World Sourcing session, with Guy Allen presenting on Risk Management in the Supply Chain.  It seemed to go down well with the 40 or so delegates, except for me accidentally spoiling the first delegate exercise by asking what I thought was a innocent question!

The new venue for the series, the Don restaurant, in the city of London, was very good too, a very pleasant room and an excellent lunch.  A certain BravoSolution executive even managed to extract the recipe for the delicious soft-centred ginger pudding from the restaurant staff! We also ran a quick impromptu competition to choose a winner who received a copy of Dr Richard Russill’s book, Procurement Risk, autographed in person  by the man himself.

Guy presented a methodology for assessing and prioritising risks, and emphasised the need for organisations to consider their own specific situations. He gave some interesting examples from his own career about how seemingly minor factors can have major impacts – like a shortage of a particular windscreen washer bottle causing major issues for an automotive firm.

In many cases, basic availability of components or raw materials will be top of the risk register , but not always. As someone pointed out, if Apple have the occasional out of stock on a finished product, it may not worry them that much if it builds the scarcity value and drives even greater sales when they next have a new product launch!

Reputational risk has moved up the charts in recent years, although again there was an interesting debate around the impact of issues in areas such as sun-contractors been found to have  poor employment conditions . It appears that the low cost retailers don’t get hit too much by such apparently bad publicity, whilst it may be more serious for a top-end brand.

The slides from the event are available now here (free on registration). And don’t forget, you can take the quiz, which counts towards the BravoSolution scholarship. The ten top scores across all six 2014 sessions get invited to an excellent dinner event in December where the winner will be announced and receive a £2500 bursary to spend on training and development. (You also need to actually attend at least 3 of the 6 events to qualify).

And the next UK event is on Wednesday April 2nd when I will be talking about Evaluating Bids and Tenders.   If you think ‘I know all about that already’ then you might want to think again - it’s not pitched as a beginner’s level, I should say, and we’re going to get into some interesting stuff around decision making theories and the utility of cost for instance.  And we have just a few places left I believe, so you can book here now.


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