Risk Overview Webinar – Available to Download Now From riskmethods

Last week we ran a webinar with supply chain risk solution providers riskmethods, titled Understand the Risk Big Picture — It Doesn't Stop at Supplier Risk.

If you missed it, you can now listen to it at your leisure – just register here for the link.  In the session, Bill DeMartino (who runs the North American riskmethods business) and I talked about a whole range of risk issues, looking at the different drivers of risk, and also commenting on the outlook for 2019.

Without claiming any great crystal-ball-gazing skills, it is not hard to see that risk is going to be in the forefront of many business leaders’ minds, whether it is global trade wars, Brexit, or global warming and extreme weather events that most worry specific businesses.

We talked about the need for risk management to run throughout the end-to-end supplier engagement (or “source-to-contract”) process – this can’t be something you just do when you onboard a supplier. Then we looked very briefly at the six short briefing papers we have published with riskmethods, including the latest one which is all about cyber risk.

That’s an increasing worry these days, with some recent horror stories for major firms and an outlook of more threats ahead. For instance, the risks from hackers seems to have moved somewhat from spotty youths in their bedrooms, showing off to their on-line mates, to state-sponsored “acts of cyber-war”, with economic disruption one of the routes used to de-stabilise “enemy” countries, along with fermenting social unrest and general unhappiness through social media …

There are no simple answers of course, to this or most other risk types. Supplier and supply chain risk can never be eliminated, but it can (in some cases) be avoided, it can be mitigated, shared, or ignored. But there are some clear best practice steps that need to be taken to manage risk properly, from initial understanding of the risk picture you’re facing, though detailed risk planning to the necessity of having prompt and relevant “risk alerts”, so you can react swiftly and appropriately when events occur, which they inevitably will at some point.

All of that and more is covered in our webinar – not in infinite depth of course, given we only talked for 45 minutes! But hopefully it is a useful guide, and we did it in a pretty conversational manner rather than as formal presentations - our aim was to make it an enjoyable as well as useful listen for the attendees. I told my one and only supply chain risk joke too …

So, tune in, hear the joke, and find out more – you can register here to get access now.  

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