Rosslyn Analytics publish their view of UK Government spend data

Rosslyn Analytics, providers of web-based spend analysis tools, are one of the first organisations to publish a further analysis of the UK Government spend data that was released last Friday.

It is available here (free of charge - follow the 'Whitehall' link).   I'd be lying if I said we've been through every number, but at first sight, Rosslyn have made it much more useful and it is now possible for instance to look at a supplier's total spend across all the Departments.

Some of the 'spend by category' report doesn't quite work in the way you might expect (probably a fault of the raw data rather than Rosslyn), and it is clear that a huge amount of spend is transfers to other public sector bodies; local authorities, the BBC and many others.  As such, it is of limited interest from a procurement perspective.  Care is also needed interpreting the data; for instance, Capita are shown with a spend of £3 billion, but most of this is actually 'pass through' spend on teachers' pensions, which Capita process.

As we pointed out the other day, it doesn't tell you much in terms of value for money; but it is very useful obviously for the initiative to look at more collaborative buying across Government; at least some sort of overall spend picture is now emerging.

Anyway, well done to Rosslyn for getting this out into the public domain, and more good PR for their 'self-serve' spend analytics solutions.

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