Sad days at Saab for the firm, suppliers, staff and customers

We've highlighted before my unerring share-picking ability (Rok, Southern Cross etc) and now we can add cars to that list of success. Yes, I'm a Saab driver.

It's very sad therefore to read of their potentially final death throes after some years of uncertainty. I've had 5 Saabs over the years, starting with a 900 (my first company car), a 9000, a 9-5, then a 9-3, and now a 9-5 turbo. We bought that 2 years ago when it was just 9 months old, 8000 miles on the clock, for half its new showroom price. It seemed like a bargain and its been a great car to drive, but maybe it wasn't such an amazing deal. Are we going to be able to get spare parts? Has it any resale value?

I know purists will argue Saabs have just been tarted up Vauxhalls really for the last few years. But it would be sad to see the marque disappear, as they had at one stage a market position that was nicely differentiated from BMW and Mercedes in that part of the market. Buying a Saab said you were a bit non-conformist, but fundamentally sound (strong on safety, good VFM etc). Well, that's how I saw it!

And from a procurement point of view, it's yet another example of the need for a focus on risk management. It is vital to keep a close eye on the financial and business performance of suppliers - and of course customers. It looks likely here that suppliers to Saab and even staff may lose out if indeed the firm falls into bankruptcy.

A sad time for many people then, and we may come back to the reasons for Saab's problems at a later date. And it's a Citroen C1 for me next time (60 miles to the gallon, £35 a year road tax, great fun to drive)!

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  1. E L:

    The problem is that the cronies at GM dealt SAAB some viscous blows before the sale. Not to mention they still continue the lies that SAAB was always loss making. GM was raping SAAB of technology, investing very little (remember the jokes that were the 9-2X, 9-6X and 9-7X). All along GM was cooking the books as to not pay Swedish taxes.

    What takes the cake is the hatchet job by that senile buffoon (edited comment!)

  2. saabsessing:

    Saab 9-5 to a Citroen C1? Be sure to let us know how your switch from Lafite Rothschild to cherry cola goes.

    For those who really want to understand what is happening at Saab, do yourselves a favor and visit – and see the sensationalist headlines for what they are…

    1. Peter Smith:

      We own a C1 as well as our Saab. It’s a great little runaround, fits in the station carpark slots where the Saab won’t, holds a surprising amount of shopping and seems to run on very little fuel. We love both cars for different situations- just like Lafite does not go as well with Fish and Chips as beer does!

  3. Paul H:

    Well, you’re not alone Peter, I also own a 2008 95 turbo and I love it too. It’s my first Saab and it now looks as though it will be my last, what a shame, I really thought things were picking up for them when they were sold by GM to Spyker.

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