Sammy Rashed – Beyond Procurement e-book is well worth a read

One of the positive things to look back on in any given year is to think about people you’ve met for the first time, or who have moved from that ‘business acquaintance’ category into something more like “friends”.  This year, I can think of a whole range of people who have helped to make life more enjoyable or interesting, and my thanks to them. One of those is Sammy Rashed, who I had met casually at conferences and dinners, but had never really got to speak to seriously until the last few months.

2013 was a notable year for him, as he left Novartis after many years and has struck out in a new business along with Giles Breault, the ex Novartis CPO and someone else I’ve been privileged to get to  know a little better this year. Rashed has worked in broader areas than pure procurement, including as Director of Productivity for Novartis, which makes his outlook on the profession more striking. He has seen procurement both from the inside and as an interested stakeholder, as it were.

Now he and Breault have launched the Beyond Group, delivering consulting, educational and networking events, training and the like, all with that focus on business improvement going beyond purely procurement and into wider issues and considerations.

I’d come across his articles written for Procurement Leaders before we really met, and they reflect this wider perspective as well. He wrote a whole series  in 2012/13, with the overall topic being about the future of procurement - but there is much in his material that is of practical value as well as the more forward looking material.

He’s now, with the help of Old Street Labs (Mark Perera’s latest venture), put the series into an e-book, so you can get all 15 articles together and follow his whole train of thought. It is well worth a read and he covers quite a range of issues – for instance, he raises the idea of procurement getting more directly involved in contract management, topical for us given our feature on Hounslow Council recently.

And in his more visionary mode, he asks whether procurement will remain a stand-alone function or become integrated into “the business” – one of the key questions I’ve been wrestling with recently. So there’s every chance we will come back to his work at a later date, but in the meantime you can download the eBook here.

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  1. Mark:

    Peter, thanks for sharing. We are launching the new company in the Jan, so would be good to give sneak peak early in the new year. If I don’t speak before have a great Christmas and happy/healthy start to to 2014:)


    Mark and the Old St Labs team 🙂

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