SAP acquires Crossgate

On Tuesday, SAP announced they are acquiring Crossgate. They are (along with Hubwoo) one of the two partners they've been working with to offer more of a "supplier network" type service, designed to compete head on with the Ariba Supplier Network. SAP were already an investor in Crossgate, so this move doesn't come as any great surprise. Crossgate:

"enables companies to fully integrate and network with trading partners, clients and suppliers, allowing electronic data exchange with any business partner regardless of their technical capability. As a result of this acquisition, SAP will enable networking at the enterprise level, providing an easy way for trading partners to collaborate, share data and automate processes that link customers and suppliers for streamlined B2B e-commerce."

Crossgate is privately owned, so purchase price and otehr terms aren't being disclosed.

Jason Busch at Spend Matters US was ahead of us, as usual, on matters technology related, so do read his comments here and here on the move. In particular, it will be interesting to see what this does for Hubwoo, who were SAP's second partner in the 3-way networking offering. In Jason's article, he comments that Hubwoo see this as positive, which we think is probably right. (We wrote about Huwwoo here recently). Here is Rinus Strydom, Hubwoo's SVP of Marketing and Solution Strategy, talking to Jason:

"It makes the partnership between Hubwoo and SAP on the Network solution closer.. this is now a 2 company partnership vs. a 3 company one...  SAP is clearly making a strategic move into the B2B integration space, and having our network as an extension of their standard B2B integration offering is a positive for us and all SAP customers."

Crossgate have their HQ in Munich - so it's been a busy time for that city in terms of procurement technology developments recently, with BravoSolution setting up their new German office there, and Emptoris acquiring supplier information experts Xctitec, also based in the Bavarian capital. I think a visit may be needed shortly.  (Beer festival? Who mentioned beer festival?)

Anyway, we'll feature more on this next week, but do have a look at our US sister site in the meantime for considerably more insight.

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