More on SAP and Ariba – but Coupa show they won’t have it all their own way

There's more good stuff from my US colleagues here around the SAP / Ariba deal. Jason Busch points out that it’s not a done deal yet - it's not impossible that someone else (Oracle?) might come in and trump SAP’s offer, although the almost 10x sales valuation makes that fairly unlikely.

Jason also talks about the considerable product overlap between the two firms, and highlights how important it will be to SAP to maintain Ariba’s customer base and the resulting network volume.  Meanwhile, firms that got business out of their SAP relationship – like Hubwoo, IBX/CapGemini and others – may find that declines as the network-related element at least naturally gravitates to the Ariba network.

However, there are plenty of competitors, particularly on the P2P side, who may see the inevitable uncertainty that surrounds mergers and acquisitions as an opportunity to crash the party and poach existing SAP or Ariba clients, or compete hard in new business situations.

And on that note, Coupa have just announced this morning a nice customer win in Europe – A&N Media, the publisher of the Daily Mail and owner of many other media properties.

Following a thorough market review, A&N Media selected Coupa as it offers a user-friendly, cloud-based solution which will assist in driving user adoption whilst easily integrating with the company’s Sourcing, HR and Accounting solutions. The implementation of Coupa alongside existing platforms will provide A&N Media with a closed-loop procurement system capable of driving significant business synergies.

It’s the usability angle that’s won them the business by the look of it.

“Coupa’s platform makes the Monday morning buying process much more aligned with the Sunday night web shopping experience –  we believe this is key to true user adoption”. (Nick Jenkinson, Head of Procurement at A&N Media)

Coupa are beginning to build some momentum this side of the Atlantic, and along with Ivalua, Basware, b-pack, Proactis, Wax Digital, Wallmedien and others they should ensure SAP / Ariba still have some serious competition for major P2P clients here – and that’s before we even consider the other market giants (Oracle and IBM) and how they might respond.

We’ll feature more on the SAP / Ariba acquisition next week, and keep an eye on our US sister site for more in-depth coverage.


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