SAP Event next week – Come and heckle!

My US colleague, Mr Busch is in Orlando as we speak at the huge SAP Sapphire event. Live streaming from 13 channels right now! And one of them is from the whale tank at Sea-Life! (Not really – but there really are 13 channels).

And coincidentally, I’m speaking next week (Tuesday 22nd)  at the major SAP event in London. So Jason gets 80 degrees, cocktails on the beach, and Disney World  - and I get Billingsgate Market in the rain.

Old Billingsgate Market - now a snazzy conference venue

Joking aside, the SAP Forum 2012 UK and Ireland is a major event, celebrating the firm’s 40th birthday incidentally, and I was honoured to be asked to come along and speak. Old Billingsgate looks like an interesting and impressive conference venue these days, and Procurement is just one of a number of streams during the day, along with CRM, HR, Finance etc.

And the keynote speakers for the plenary sessions (where all the functions come together) are pretty impressive – James Caan (entrepreneur and Dragon’s Den star) and Ray Wang, noted tech analyst, for a start. I also hear that the event is being hosted by Natasha Kaplinsky (sigh).

I’m going to be talking about the challenges facing procurement people and functions, and what we should be doing to cope with them  – those of you who know me will understand that this isn’t going to be a highly technological “understanding your P2P software” type session. Stimulating and a little controversial is the idea...

Natasha Kaplinsky in Strictly Come Dancing

There is room for a few late registrations if it appeals – and, as long as you can persuade SAP you have some interest in their extensive product range, which shouldn’t be too difficult, it’s free. More details and registration here!

Actually, I am also genuinely interested to see and hear more about what SAP are doing, as (according to Jason) they’re going through a bit of a renaissance in terms of their procurement and related developments and new products. So hope to see some old friends – and maybe some new ones – next Tuesday in London.

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  1. bitter and twisted:

    Please ask if its true that SAP started as a Stasi plot to undermine Western Capitalism.

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