SCHOTT AG takes BME Innovation award for eProcurement implementation

SCHOTT AG is a multinational, technology based group developing and manufacturing special glass, specialty materials, components and systems.  Congratulations to their procurement team and the firm; last week they won the 2010 Innovation Prize from the BME e.V. (the German Federal Association for Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics).

I'm hoping to get some comments from Michael Glaninger, their Director of Global Purchasing eProcurement, in the near future, but it looks like SCHOTT have implemented an Onventis solution.  Onventis are a SaaS (on demand) eProcurement / SRM solutions provider; interestingly, SAP are a shareholder. I haven't come across them before but that's another firm to add to our list of interesting European vendors to take a look at...

So often it is the internal stakeholder management, not the technology, that determines the success or failure of such projects.  Talk to any vendor and you'll hear horror stories of "shelfware"; software licences and products bought but never fully implemented by the customer because of internal user resistance.  The winners clearly recognised that danger here and overcame it successfully; as their press release says;

The SCHOTT Global Purchasing e-procurement team introduced employees to the new measures with intensive training classes and simulations, convinced employees that the measures were sensible and useful, and worked as a team with employees to implement those measures.

The citation for the award quite rightly makes much of this. The jury said that the project, "...was implemented in a gradual and consistent fashion with financially measurable success, and from a method perspective, it is transferable to other industries and companies,

Well done to the SCHOTT team and hope to hear more from them shortly.

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