Science Warehouse Customer Conference – Procurement Trends Survey Published

I’ve got the chance to visit Leeds later this month, a city I remember fondly from my time as Procurement Director at the Department of Social Secruty; I spent 2 or 3 days most weeks in that fine city. Great music venues for one thing … sadly the Duchess of York, the legendary pub venue where I saw bands like Embrace, Mogwai and Mansun before they made it big is gone now.

Anyway, I will be there for the Science Warehouse annual user conference on June 20th at Leeds University in the city.  I’m going to do a keynote on the “Future of Procurement – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly” which I promise will be controversial if nothing else. I have spoken around this topic previously, but this will be an updated view – find out if I am more or less hopeful and positive about the future of the “profession” than I was a year ago, and what we should be doing to make it a “good” outcome rather than an ugly one!

I’m also going to be quizzing Jonathan Betts from the firm about the results of their annual Procurement Trends Survey which the firm has been running for several years now. This is one of the biggest general procurement surveys in the UK certainly, so we will see what interesting outputs there are that might help us all identify priorities, issues and risks for 2017 and on.

The results have just recently been issued; we will be writing more about the detail of the findings and analysis after the event, but for the moment you can download the report here from the Science Warehouse website.

There will also be a chance to hear about some customer case studies and latest developments from Science Warehouse themselves, look at their future roadmap, and participate in some interactive sessions so you’re not just sitting there in listening mode all day.

Current customers and suppliers on the Science Warehouse network are invited; I guess if you were a serious potential customer they would be happy to get you along as well. So if you are interested in attending, please contact the firm here.

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  1. Mark McCarthy:

    Hi Peter… not very procurement related, but… I remember the Duchess fondly too. My first experience was standing outside trying to hear a Nirvana gig in 1989 (I was too young to get inside!!)… and then a few years later going to an early Oasis concert there. I also spent many a night in there listening to a friend’s band, the Zeroes, which went on to re-form as Spacehog some years later. Anyway, enjoy the trip back to Leeds, do give the city my best regards!

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