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Jason spent the first part of the week at SciQuest’s Next Level conference.

SciQuest’s Next Level Customer Conference: Expectations, Coverage and Questions - I’m down at SciQuest’s Next Level customer conference this week in San Antonio, Texas. If you’re at the event, you can catch me on stage for ten minutes this morning for a quick talk on the current state of procurement and how priorities are evolving at all levels of organizations. But my talk promises to be among the least interesting aspects of the event (even if I manage to succeed in spicing up the universally attention grabbing topics of supplier compliance and risk management).

SciQuest Product Planning: P2P and Invoicing Snapshots - I’ve learned an awful lot here, besides applying my cursory knowledge of Texas and Mexican history to the plight of procurement. For one, SciQuest is moving in a lot of directions at once. This includes a major forthcoming release (13.1) at the end of March that is going to include several major changes, including a complete UI overhaul in the P2P area. While we’ll cover this new design paradigm in more detail on Spend Matters PRO, it suffices to say that SciQuest took a road that is quite different than Coupa and others in designing a modern buying and procurement administration interface.

The finale of our series on ADP.

ADP: An E-Invoicing Alternative Across Industries (Part 4) - ADP’s new coding capabilities are a further attempt to increase both accuracy as well as straight-through processing success. Enhanced capabilities now include the ability to drive predictive coding as early as possible in the invoicing workflow. The concept, as ADP shared, is that “the system learns as more invoices are processed instead of relying on defaults that were specified at the time of implementation.” ADP takes historical coding that has been attributed and applies it to future invoices that are being submitted.

We do wear a lot of red in the office…

China Tries to Hack Spend Matters Network Site MetalMiner -

Spend Matters Network site MetalMiner has joined the illustrative company of the New York Times, Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal to be targeted for hack attacks from China. MetalMiner Editor Taras Berezowsky notes in a somewhat cheeky piece that, “China has already attempted to hack MetalMiner, with lukewarm results … After noticing hacking attempts into both and, we had to take specific blocking measures to thwart the Chinese IP addresses.”


Procurement Wars: Oracle and Ariba/SAP (Beyond Thunderdome) - Earlier this week, I spent a few days at Oracle’s first annual Value Chain Summit. Procurement featured prominently in one of the breakout tracks at the event throughout the three days. And Oracle took the time to go through many of its procurement related solutions in material detail during the track sessions. While a lot of the good stuff came from side conversations and demonstrations, the presentations were a useful refresher and primer nonetheless.

Forbes’ “BrandVoice”

How Forbes is Killing its Credibility: BrandVoice (Part 1) - Since starting Spend Matters in 2004, we’ve always welcomed unpaid guest contributions from just about any source with the requirement that the content must be engaging, relevant and not a form of self-promotion. Admittedly, over the years a dozen or so contributions have slipped through the cracks and violated one or more of these requirements, but for the most part, we’ve fared well. (Part 2 here)

Spend Matters PRO previews.

We’ve begun to feature excerpts of Spend Matters PRO content daily on the site. Here are some of the highlights from this week:

Iasta: Innovating in the Procurement, Finance, and Supply Chain Analytics Market

Of Supplier Management…and Horsemeat

Procurement Information Architecture Part 3.2: Analytics

Have a fantastic weekend, all!

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