SCOOP!! New MOD Commercial Lead…possibly

I hear through the grapevine*  that Andrew Manley, Shell's  "Downstream-One Programme Director"  (don't ask me...but I believe it is a VP level role, so reporting to Operating Board I guess), has been appointed the new Defence  Commercial Director (or some similar title - the top man in MOD commercial basically).

If confirmed, he will succeed Amyas Morse who left earlier this year to become the second most powerful non-politician in the UK public sector Comptroller and Auditor General at the National Audit Office.

The MOD role is probably the most challenging in public sector procurement and quite possibly in all of UK procurement full stop. So we wish him all the very best, suggest the OGC Procurement Capability Review of MOD should be early reading, and look forward to hearing more from him once he is in place (February?)

Peter Smith

* this is unconfirmed, and the very nice lady at the MOD press office said she knew nothing about it and would try and get back to me but "they were a bit busy with other announcements today"! Other announcements like this and this that I guess indicate the size of the challenge here.   And isn't it ironic, as Alanis Morrisette might say (despite the fact that most of her 'ironies' were in fact mere coincidences or unfortunate sequences of events), that the NAO report criticising MOD is published by...Amyas Morse with his new hat on.

And if I am wrong with this info, I apologise unreservedly to Mr Manley, MOD and readers....

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