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We'd like to wish all our readers, everyone who comments, contributing guest writers and our sponsors a very happy Christmas. Everyone basically...

We're not intending to blog again until December 27th – I know that the 27th is a Bank Holiday, but we've got some material to fit in between Xmas and New Year including our top albums of the year, and a review of the procurement year here on Spend Matters. So we're going to pretend the 27th is a working day. And if any big stories with a procurement aspect break over the holiday, do check us out, we'll almost certianly have somehting to say!

It's been an incredible year for big news, from Bin Laden and Qadaffi to floods, tsunamis, political uprisings and European crisis. Not to mention a Royal Wedding... Not all of it is directly relevant to our procurement ecosystem, but it does strike us that the pace of change is increasing inexorably. A big part of our mission is to help readers keep up with that – whether it is developments in the technology world that impact us, issues that impact supply chain risk, or latest thinking in best practice.

As we said the other week, there are some exciting plans on the Spend Matters horizon for 2012, but the most important thing is that we give you something to read that is interesting, useful and stimulating, every working day. So we particularly appreciate comments – either on individual posts or generally about what you like to see here. I hope we can get more interactive next year – but until then, very sincere thanks to everyone for their support, and all our best wishes.

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