September eWorld Conference and Exhibition – A Review

Last week Peter and I went to the eWorld conference and exhibition. Here's our review of the day!

Peter: So Claire, how did you find your first eWorld conference and exhibition at the lovely QEII conference centre, Westminster?

Claire: I found it very interesting! I thought it was a really good experience in terms of having lots of variety, and it was interesting to hear how different aspects of procurement work, especially private vs public sector.

Peter: One of the good things about it is that it’s very much focussed on case studies. Quite a lot of the sponsors get one of their clients to talk on their behalf, so you hear real examples of how people have implemented technology and so on.

Claire: Definitely. I think it's great because you get a feel for what the sponsors and solution providers are really like, warts and all. I could definitely think of a few examples we heard today like that.

Peter: I suppose one of the downsides is that there were 30 different people talking today, so there is a variation in quality. You get some brilliant presenters (James Marland, David Atkinson, Jim Carter), but you inevitably hit one or two weak ones as well.

Claire: Yes I definitely experienced that today, where some just couldn’t get the message across and probably shouldn’t have been chosen to speak about the sponsor. I won’t name any names!

So we’re doing the unique Spend Matters event  star rating system, looking at aspects of the day, with marks  out of five.

Venue and comfort

Claire: I thought the venue was lovely. A fantastic location, but the layout of the exhibition could have been better. There was a lot of moving between floors, and one of the conference rooms was just a sectioned off part of the exhibition area, which made it difficult to concentrate on what the speakers were saying with the background noise.

Peter: Yes, I didn’t like having to constantly move between the three different floors. Although I must give credit to the organisers as this year we got three free cups of tea or coffee and a free bacon buttie for those who arrived early, which we didn’t get last year!

Claire: I would probably say three stars, maybe four.

Peter: The lifts just bring it down for me. I think it only deserves maybe two or three stars. But let’s meet in the middle and say three.

Overall format of the day

Peter: The day had a mixture of talks and the exhibition. However some events these days are experimenting with round table discussions and different sorts of ways of educating people, which we didn’t get to see so much of today. So to me it was fine, but probably doesn’t deserve more than three stars.

Claire: I agree, I wouldn’t give it any more than three stars. The day was very cramped, and having to choose between three or four different talks for some sessions, which meant you could easily miss out on ones which could have been far better than those you actually decided to go to!


Claire: Well, as you said, the quality of the content was so varied throughout the day, so I really think it depends on which talks you chose to go and see! From my experience I think it deserves three stars.

Peter: Yes, I definitely think you got the worse end of the deal because I sent you off to a couple of sessions which didn’t seem to be as good as the ones I went to! But for me, I would give it four stars; I had a pretty good day but it certainly is variable. I'm going to pull rank here and go for four!

Networking opportunities

Peter: These days I think this is so important for delegates to actually get a chance to meet and chat with other delegates.

Claire: This one’s difficult because there are so many different organisations here which is great in one sense, but because the day is so densely filled with talks from sponsors that it’s difficult to find enough time to actually be able to sit down and chat.

Peter: Exactly. And the layout doesn't help - we spent so much time going up and down lifts and finding the rooms that there wasn’t much time left to talk for a significant period of time. I’d give that three stars as well.

Value for money for delegates

Claire: Well considering it’s free, I think we have to say it’s pretty good!

Peter: Of course! I don’t think I’d say five stars, because you have to consider opportunity cost and how much you actually got out of the day; but as a free day I’d give it 4 stars, particularly if you’re interested in procurement technology, processes and systems improvements. It's a great way of learning a lot in a short space of time if you're interested in that area.

Value for money for sponsors

Peter: It’s hard to tell without knowing how much they actually have to pay, but we were getting pretty good reports from most of them about what they were getting out of the day. Lots of visitors and some serious inquiries and leads, was the message I got.

Claire: Yeah I agree, most sponsors seemed to be very busy. So busy in fact that we couldn’t even get a chance to chat to some of them!

Peter: So what shall we say, four stars? I think that’s fair considering we don’t know exactly how much they have to pay. I wouldn’t say five but the day seemed pretty successful for sponsors.

Venue: ★★★

Format: ★★★

Content: ★★★★

Networking opportunities: ★★★

Value for money for delegates: ★★★★

Value for money for sponsors: ★★★★

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Voices (2)

  1. Lydia Ginsbury, eWorld Purchasing & Supply:

    Thank you for your review and for speaking and supporting this autumn’s eWorld Purchasing & Supply. From delegate, sponsor and speaker feedback the event was very well received and everyone seemed to appreciate the new features: public sector stream, information desk and more case study sessions (not forgetting the bacon sandwiches).

    Take a look at our infographic on delegate feedback, all ratings across the event went up from the spring event (we love an infographic).

    It is an action packed day and can be a tough choice for which sessions to attend but nearly all of our speakers provided their slides post event so that delegates can review the ones they missed. Also a few were filmed and can be seen on our YouTube Channel

    We are looking forward to catching up with you both and have some great ideas up our sleeve inspired by some of your comments for the next event.

    eWorld Purchasing & Supply Team

    Lydia Ginsbury (Marketing Manager) & Claire Boffey (Group Event Manager)

    Revolution Events

  2. Market Dojo:

    A great day as always. Focused, with lots of interested and interesting people to speak to. It also gave us a platform to introduce our new products on encouraging innovation and assisting with category strategy.

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