Sievo – Spend Matters US looks at Finnish procurement innovators

We first featured Sievo here and introduced their innovative approach to procurement planning, performance management and benefits tracking / measurement. Jason (Spend Matters US ) and I have since then talked to both the firm in more detail, and to one of their clients; we'll feature his comments in a further post shortly.

Jason has now published two posts reviewing the Sievo product (here, and here). I won't add too much to Jason's very full comments, but I'll make a couple of additional points.

Firstly, while I'm impressed by Sievo's product, it strikes me that it is not something to be trifled with. It looks like something that I would seriously consider if I were still a CPO, as a tool that would really help me manage and measure my team's contribution, and could give me great credibility with business colleagues.

But it might expose poor performance as well; and it needs real commitment to set it up and use it in the right way to extract the maximum value from it. When we come to our user review, you'll see how central the Sievo product is to the whole way that CPO runs his function; it's a way of life, not just a useful peripheral tool. I suspect some CPOs will instantly 'get it'; others just won't be at all interested.

Secondly, our Sievo user CPO commented that he needed staff who were 'data driven'; something we've already mentioned in a previous post.  Getting the right balance of capability amongst procurement teams and individuals is an emerging challenge for many organisations.  Analytical and data-driven on the one hand; highly influential and persuasive, with strong soft skills on the other. Do you look for people who have both - or put round pegs in round holes and balance your skills across the wider team?

Anyway, as Jason says, Sievo are offering a product that is innovative, interesting and potentially valuable; well worth a look if you want to forecast, track and measure the real contribution the procurement function  is making to the organisation.

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