SIG event – their first London venture

I participated last week in the Sourcing Interests Group first event outside the US.

SIG is a membership organization that has served sourcing and outsourcing professionals from Global 1000 companies throughout its 20-year history. SIG is unique in that it blends practitioners, service providers and advisory firms in a non-commercial environment”.

They provide events, research material, benchmarking and other networking type services to the 'sourcing' community. “Sourcing” tends to be used in the US to describe outsourcing type activities, so SIG are particularly strong in that arena, although they certainly cross over into more conventional procurement and sourcing. As such, I guess their competitors are organisations such as the Procurement Strategy Council and Procurement Leaders.

Anyway, I would judge their event in London a success, although it would have been good to see a few more participants. It seems particularly hard to tempt senior public sector people away from their desks at the moment! But I thought the level of people there was pretty impressive; CPOs and next level mainly. And - not including myself of course - the quality of the speakers and panel participants was very good.

I must confess I've never read Outsource magazine before, but sitting on the panel with Jamie Liddell, the editor, and a very interesting and stimulating guy, was fun. And what an impressive magazine it is. Published 4 times a year, full of valuable and well-written content, and very well-designed; I’m genuinely impressed. One of the very best business magazines I’ve ever seen and I wonder why on earth I haven’t read it before! Here's a link to read the recent issue on line (via HfS - see bleow).

We also heard from both SAP and Ariba on the future or procurement; I'll certainly come back to some of the material there in another later post. And Dr Bernd Huber from Google talked about their drive to use e-auctions more extensively, and how they've managed that without an internal mandate. Amanda Lewis from law firm SNR Denton  also took us through some recent case law on big IT projects; including a recap on the wonderful story of Lulu the dog and her MBA (do read more here if you haven't heard about this).

Then there was Euan Davis, European MD for Horses for Sources, the increasingly high profile outsourcing analysts / commentators – a really knowledgeable guy and someone else I look forward to locking horns with in the future around outsourcing and procurement issues!

So, a good first venture for SIG; I think we'll see them back here again, and it’s worth having a look at what they, HfS and Outsource magazine have to offer; particularly if outsourcing or large-scale sourcing programmes are a key area of interest for you.

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  1. Christine Morton:

    “It seems particularly hard to tempt senior public sector people away from their desks at the moment!”

    No, it is particularly hard for public sector people to justify to their bosses a costly day out, Peter, even with the “20% discount” available!

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