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A final reminder for our free upcoming webinar on Thursday 5th May at 12.30pm BST with our friends at 4C Associates, the procurement consulting and managed services firm, with the provoking title - Is this the end of marketing procurement?

I'll be having a good debate with Milan Panchmatia from 4C about whether procurement has a future in that specific category, or whether we are doomed as a profession to fail ...

Of course, we're not going to be wholly negative, although I probably have a few more reservations than Milan. We promise it won't be a fist-fight, but  you may hear a bit of disagreement between the speakers!  However, really we will primarily cover what procurement can do in order to maximise the chance of success in complex categories such as marketing services.

And we will broaden it out somewhat into other spend areas. Really, marketing services in conceptual terms presents some of the same issues that we see in other complex service categories, such as professional services or IT services. For instance, these tend to be categories that a range of generally senior stakeholders care about, very deeply in many cases. What does that mean for the category manager  or CPO trying to increase procurement's influence?

Those issues have always been around, but recent technology developments have increased the challenge for procurement. When brand managers can use the Internet and many specific tools to research markets and suppliers far more easily than used to be possible, it is tougher for category managers to show the real value they are bringing. It is tougher - but it is not impossible, I think will be the argument on Thursday.

We've got a good number of registrations already, so we also hope for some incisive questions from our audience to provoke debate - please do join us on the 5th.

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