The Sixth Day of Christmas – using VMS platforms to manage the contingent workforce

To all Colleagues – Important

The Vendor Management System is now fully implemented, so can I remind all managers that ALL our contingent (temporary) workforce will now be managed through this platform. That means we must have a full auditable process for the employment, management and termination of all individuals who are working for us on any of our premises or indeed at remote client / sites. The VMS platform will help us achieve that, as well as assisting in our commercial management of temporary labour costs.

I need hardly remind you of some of the issues we have had with “temps” over the last couple of years.  As well as the industrial espionage case – still to come to court – we have mistakenly employed a number of individuals who did not have permission to work in the UK, and someone who was once on  the X Factor. This must not happen again.

Recent events in our construction division have also highlighted the importance  of proper induction for all temporary staff. Different ethnic and national backgrounds have very different traditions, and it is important that all our temporary staff understand how we expect them to behave.  It was most unfortunate that our team working on the new dam at Rutland Water were seen netting, killing, barbecuing and eating six swans last week whilst working on site there. It may well be that swans are seen as a pest in certain parts of the world, but in the UK you may be aware that it is only the Queen and the Fellows of St. Johns College, Cambridge who are allowed to eat that bird.

We have sent our sincere apologies to Her Majesty and we hope her response – that she wishes to behead our COO – is just her little joke!

In any case, wo we expect 100% compliance to the new VMS system and I have asked the CPO and the HR Director to monitor the situation and report any breach of policy back to me.

No more swans must die!


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