SMART by GEP, Re-claiming Tail Spend, Scary Things a Procurement Pro Can Hear

Imagine yourself in this situation: “The EVP of Marketing just went out to lunch with leaders from the PGA, and he signed a $45 million letter-of-intent on a piece of notebook paper for us to sponsor next year’s professional golf tour. Can you help us now to negotiate a ‘real’ agreement with the PGA?” And there's more where that came from! Pierre Mitchell pulls together a list of the Best of the Best in the Scariest Things a Procurement Pro Could Hear.

Jason Busch discusses how e-invoicing and eProcurement can empower SMB suppliers once and for all.

Have you ever thought about how to manage a creative agency after they're done wining and dining you through the pitch?

Last week, GEP, a procurement solutions provider, announced the latest in the mobile salvo when it unveiled its “SMART” procurement platform that is “native to cloud, mobile, and touch technologies.”

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And some new music!

I have followed the talented Spencer Krug from Wolf Parade (I'll Believe in Anything is easily in my top 5 favorite songs of all time) and then into the band Sunset Rubdown. Now, he's grown out some truly impressive Byronic curls and stripped all of the electronics to vocals and piano, showing his composer background on Moonface's Julia With Blue Jeans On. It took me a couple listens to truly appreciate the narrative of the whole's haunting and beautiful:

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