SMart Network and the “enemies of enterprise”

Smart Network is a London based charity that helps “socially marginalised” people through the medium of art. They work "to empower homeless and socially excluded people through creative activity and to engage them and the wider community in finding pathways to social integration”.

They do great stuff, and a friend of ours is involved as a volunteer.

So when we were thinking about getting some Spend Matters promotional items, we asked the SMart Network artists to come up with a suitable design for us and awarded a prize for the winner.

One idea we suggested was to use the phrase “enemies of enterprise”. Do you remember that – the Prime Minister in a speech back in March  suggested that public sector procurement people who didn’t support dynamic young, small firms were “enemies of enterprise”.

Anyway, a very talented artists / designer called Ben Saffer came up with this excellent and (we thought) very amusing design. It does help if you know your Star Trek... and if you’re coming to our 1stanniversary event tomorrow you will see this again...

Ben Saffer's design

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