Smarter Together – how community intelligence will revolutionise business as we know it


On September 11, business spend management experts, Coupa, will be hosting a one-off complimentary event to discuss how communities are shaping the future of business and society.

But what does that mean? It means that in an age when businesses and commerce will never be the same again, we need to pool knowledge and information if we are to survive and thrive. Coupa CEO Rob Bernshteyn will explain how we will be able to draw upon the real-time intelligence of the community (that is the collective knowledge of our organisations) to benefit the community, our companies, and ourselves.

In this virtual event, Smarter Together, Rob will explain how industry will be revolutionised by the use of abundant smart data, used anonymously from the community, for the community. The time has gone for companies to work in silos, safeguarding their own knowledge. The time has come for firms to work together to share metrics and best practices, to benchmark themselves and aim to drive value for all, resulting in better and faster decision making and increased efficiency.

Part of the discussion will elaborate on:

  • The best ways to harness communities and their knowledge to dynamically collaborate and gain advantage
  • Real-time best practices for almost every element of business
  • Delivering what we say we will, when and with the best practice and quality demanded

Rob will explain how “the prescriptive insights that come from the massive amount of community data worldwide will transform entire industries and break down long-standing barriers to value.” Joining him, and endorsing the concept, is Larry Brilliant, MD, MPH, a world-renowned epidemiologist and Chair of Advisory Committee for Ending Pandemics.

Larry’s fascinating take on how communities enable us to fight and beat global pandemics, will be related to how we can use that same ethos to drive value through garnering, sharing and communicating information.

Join Coupa for just 60 minutes in this free-to-attend virtual event on September 10 or 11 depending on your location:

Americas – September 10 at 10am PDT

EMEA – September 11 at 10am BST

Asia/Pacific – September 11 at 11am AEST

You can find out more and register here – Smarter Together

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