The Smith Hierarchy of Stakeholder Needs to Be Launched at Enrich / Oracle Event

Less than a week now to the Oracle / Enrich event next Tuesday morning (February 10th) at 10am in the Oracle offices just off Moorgate in London. The title is “Future Proof Procurement – what does the future-proof structure and strategy look like”?

I'm going to be talking about the link between organisational strategy and procurement strategy, then how that plays into the organisational issues and structures for the procurement function. So for instance, the options around procurement structures and organisations.

I've got a few arguments in terms of why this is important. I'll tell you about a friend of mine who got fired from one of the biggest and best (in theory) procurement jobs in the world because of the way he tried to structure procurement, and how that conflicted with wider organisational culture and ways of working.

I'm also going to be explaining for the first time in public the “Smith Hierarchy of Stakeholder Needs”, with all due credit to Maslow and Herzberg and their more generic hierarchy of needs. I'm sure many people have come across that in business courses, as it explains the motivational factors that drive human behaviour. I'm not sure mine will have quite the impact of the original, but who knows, it might make it onto the CIPS syllabus one day...!!

Joking aside, there is a serious point here.  There is a range of factors that determine how well internal stakeholders work with procurement, and some of those are certainly related to how we organise ourselves.

As well as my session, and time for discussion and argument, we have the excellent David Lawson, one of our top NHS Procurement Leaders, talking about how he has reformed and transformed procurement at Guys and St Thomas's in London, a huge and prestigious hospital trust. Then there's a networking lunch to follow the session, so I hope to see some of our readers there next week. The last few places are available so do register here now.

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  1. Paul Wrigh:

    Please do give us the details after the presentation – an important topic

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