SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! The Recipe For SAP Ariba Success Comes in 3 Parts

We are delighted to publish this 'ingenious' post from our colleague Michael Lamoureux on SAP Ariba's latest offering, SNAP, and how Crackle and Pop will come into play too!

Those of us old enough, and especially those of us who grew up in North America, will never forget Snap, Crackle, and Pop, even if we want to, as those rogue Keebler-like Elves seems to rule the breakfast airwaves for the better part of a decade. This was very notable because not only were they selling yet another breakfast cereal (and going up against the breakfast of champions), but they were selling a breakfast cereal to kids that was not packed with sugar (SugarPops), covered in Chocolate (Count Chocula), or filled with multi-coloured marshmallowy goodness (Lucky Charms).

Not an easy task, especially when you consider Rice Krispies are essentially puffed rice! For the average kid, what can be more boring than that? But those little hard-working elves did it, and did it with style.

And now, two decades later, SAP Ariba, conscientiously or not, is trying to follow in their very big footsteps and sell P2P (the back-office equivalent of Rice Krispies) to mid-market back-offices everywhere (which are generally the most immature of the Procurement organisation, with the shortest attention spans, as they are typically incredibly overworked due to a lack of modern S2P capability). And they have begun this effort with their new SNAP offering that they hope will catch the ears of these organisations everywhere, just like Snap would immediately get our attention when he appeared on our TV screens.

There is certainly a lot to get excited about, as my Southern colleagues have written about over on Spend Matters (SAP Ariba Snap: Bucking Convention with a Real Middle-Market E-Procurement Package; Examining SMB Procurement Tech Needs: Do E-Procurement and SAP Ariba Snap Hit the Mark? Snap de SAP Ariba: Rompiendo con lo Establecido mediante un Verdadero Paquete de E-Procurement para Mercados Intermedios). Highlights include:

  • An enhanced pre-configured low-cost entry point P2P solution with embedded best practices that is guaranteed to be fully operational in 12 weeks with no partner authorised to sell or implement an instance until the partner goes through extensive training and prove that they can complete the six-stage agile implementation in 12 weeks.
  • Pre-configured catalogues with an Amazon-like shopping experience.
  • Twenty pre-configured forms for basic 3-bids-and-a-buy RFXs that meet the majority of everyday purchasing needs.
  • Free supplier-lite access for your existing and new suppliers.
  • Easy spend and budget tracking with integrated analytics and reporting for not only getting Spend Under Management quickly but demonstrating ROI. And so on …

And it’s going to come over extremely well globally with any mid-market organisation that already has SAP, does not have P2P, and needs a low-cost entry point solution that can be implemented by a trusted partner, especially since SNAP is just a configured view on the full SAP Ariba platform and can plug in to what they already have. This means existing categories and bills of material can be pulled in, HANA can be used for integrated analytics, and the full extent of the Ariba Network can be used. But is this enough?

Let’s think about it. If only Snap had gone rogue, would that have been enough to guarantee that Rice Krispies would ever have been in our breakfast bowls? The answer is, probably not. Snap grabbed your attention amidst a sea of clicks and ticks (of the analogue variety), with his sharp, quick, focused, confident demeanour. But it was Crackle with his fanfare that kept it. Unlike his serious (older) brother Snap, Crackle was the fun-loving jokester that made us smile and heightened our mood and gave us the idea that Rice Krispies would make breakfast happy.

So even though the uptake of SNAP seems to be going well, we can infer that SAP Ariba likely has a slog ahead as things stand because not everyone is ready for their entry into the mid-market or convinced that Ariba SNAP is not a one-trick pony. To really get mass-market attention, they need some CRACKLE. And we’ll tell you about that tomorrow ...


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