Snap Poll With ISM: What’s the Procurement Value Mix Today? In 3 Years?

Our colleagues at Spend Matters US are conducting a snap poll in conjunction with the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) ahead of the ISM Metrics Symposium.

All the evidence points to procurement going through some pretty major changes at the moment, from a function focused strongly on cost reduction and operational support, to one that has more focus on value creation through supplier relationships, innovation, risk management and revenue generation. Well, we’d like to think that is the case anyway!

So this survey is looking at how the “mix” of value delivered by procurement-led activities might meaningfully shift over the next 3 years, asking how and where respondents believe that change will happen. What’s it for you? Here is what my colleagues say.

“Practitioners who participate in the poll will not only get to benchmark their value mix against others today and in 3 years, and see the competencies they’ll need to invest in, but also see how others measure their more complex value streams. We are additionally offering study participants a breakdown of what level of credit procurement receives on a dozen specific value streams – based on a previous ISM/Spend Matters research study conducted earlier this year that is not available to the general public”.

You only have a couple of days to do this though because it is going to feed into the ISM event later this week! So, don’t delay, take the survey today!

Many thanks...

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