The Snow, the Snow, stops Heathrow.. and Charlie Brooker speaks

We're very interested in just why Heathrow airport came to a grinding halt for several days after 10 centimetres of snow.... If it was just a lack of manpower to clear snow, that surely wouldn't have caused such a problem?  Was there a procurement / supply chain story in there somewhere?  We suspect so.  Our investigative reporters are looking into it...

Anway, on the snow theme, high on my list of people who make life worth living is Charlie Brooker. Even more so since he announced his marriage to Konnie Huq, the most unlikely pairing since Major and Currie. (Not that I'm comparing the very lovely Huq with Edwina...)

Here is his very funny 'Newswipe', from earlier this year, as he comments on our last snowy episode. He gets spot on the particular blend of hysteria and condescension that most of the British media use whenever we get a few centimetres of the white stuff.

And Happy Christmas Eve to our readers!

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First Voice

  1. David Atkinson:

    Charlie does it again. 🙂

    Excellent posting Peter.

    Happy New Year to all your readers..

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