Social Media and procurement – come and get involved in the debate

We have another event coming up with an opportunity for readers to listen to me, heckle, hurl rotten tomatoes – and then forget our differences over a few drinks afterwards!

“From Facebook to Supplier Collaboration - How the Social Media explosion will fundamentally change procurement.”

This event is supported by Oracle and Enrich (see here for more on Enrich – I assume you have probably heard of Oracle). It’s on October 9th at 2.30pm, at the Oracle offices off Moorgate in the City of London, and will finish at around 5pm at which point we will adjourn to a local bar for networking, drinks and snacks ...

The subject is one that I don’t think I have covered publicly up to now, but it is a great topic. “Social Media” is the headline, which gives plenty of opportunity to have some fun whilst being challenging, educational and interesting (I hope). Of course, it won’t just be anything and everything to do with the topic - it’s all about the impact of Social Media on procurement, now and in the future, and what that means for our profession.

We’ll start by looking briefly at the history of Social Media (how many Tweets do you think were published in January 2007? And what about now)? Then we will get into what defines a tool as Social Media and what are the characteristics that have made it such a phenomenon in the past ten years or so. Understanding those factors gives a really good steer as to why it has been so successful, and leads on to how it can be applicable to procurement.

Then we will look at what is already happening at the interface of the procurement and social media world. So what is already being used, in terms of procurement getting value from tools such as Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as the more specific procurement and supply chain tools that are beginning to emerge. And how might social media principles and tools help us in the future? Of course, if I could answer this question with confidence I would be a billionaire inventor or software entrepreneur, but we’ll have a go anyway, and I look forward to getting some real input and discussion from the audience too.

And just to whet your appetite, here is an article from 2007, just a few months after its launch, titled “The Real Reason Twitter Will Fail”. (Actually, the same bit of Googling threw up several “Why the iPhone will Fail” articles – an even bigger error of prediction, we might suggest!)

I should say that I’m not the only speaker at this event – but I'm hoping to whet your appetite for now on the Social Media front. And you can register here, free of charge of course.

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  1. Alun @ Market Dojo:

    Milla Harloff-Bernyk from Creative Education, one of our clients, gave a great presentation on this at eWorld. The subject was about eSourcing critical categories whilst improving relationships as well as how the role of social media has helped with engagement and innovation. Essentially she used social media on two fronts. The first was to more fully understand how best to put the requirement to gain maximum participation from suppliers. And secondly she was using social media to advertise the offering and let suppliers know about new requirements. Obviously Linkedin and Twitter are the main contenders but there is an interesting debate on the future and to see if Facebook or websites like Procurious will impact this dynamic. Just drop me a mail for the slides.

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