How social media helped to improve a procurement process

We've going to be featuring Social Media in a big way here shortly - more news very soon.  So, with that in mind, it was interesting last week to hear a real life example of how it is being applied in the procurement world.  Particularly as this was also relevant to last week's 'question of the week' discussion on whether eSourcing is good or bad news for smaller suppliers.

This came up when I was talking to the Marketing VP of a major procurement technology provider.  His firm, like most these days, follows Twitter in terms of picking up anyone using their company name in a Tweet. They spotted one from an unhappy individual who was involved in submitting a bid using the eSourcing technology from this firm.  He was frustrated with what he perceived as the user unfriendliness of the system.

The provider made contact with the unhappy bidder, and was able to establish quickly that this wasn't an inherent problem with the software.  Rather it was the way the buyer was using it, how the sourcing process was structured and presented on the system. Another call, this time to the buyer, who agreed to make some minor changes that made things much easier for bidders, and matters were resolved with everybody happy.

Not a life-changing incident perhaps, but a small example of how social media can help business - and procurement - processes in new and unexpected ways.  And more on this topic to follow.

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