Why Solution Providers should subscribe to Spend Matters PRO

We’ve been pretty light touch on promoting our new subscription service, Spend Matters PRO. But 6 weeks in now, we’re building up a great resource of articles that really do give the best coverage of current key issues in the procurement world – with technology at the heart of that, but including other key issues and developments as well.

So, if you’re one of our many readers from the provider side of procurement – software, consulting outsourcing, etc – why should you subscribe? Well, to save you a bit of time, and if you need to get approval, here’ s an outline letter you might use to make the business case.


Dear boss / CFO / whatever,

I recommend that we subscribe to the new Spend Matters PRO service, which will cost $2995 for a single annual “seat”. We may also want to look at a wider corporate membership in the near future, and that single seat payment can be set against any subsequent corporate deal,  but I would like to take out an immediate subscription now.

Spend Matters is the leading group of websites and provider of analysis relating to the  procurement and supply chain technology market and related topics.  Up to now, all their material has been free to access for practitioners and solution providers like ourselves. They have now launched Spend Matters PRO, with the following benefits.

  • Access to the library of research material. comprising dozens of papers covering largely technology, process and strategic procurement issues. (Previously we have been able to download this free of charge but providers no longer have access, although practitioners do).
  •  Access to the new Spend Matters PRO website, which will feature around 20 brand new articles a month, covering key issues – heavily technology-centric but also covering the latest procurement thinking, economics etc.
  • A Monthly Spend Matters Insights newsletter, with a summary of key technology news, links to material from Spend Matters and elsewhere that you can’t afford to miss, and unique content.
  • A quarterly “Spend Matters Seasons” publication with more in-depth technology reviews and analysis.
  • Access to bi-annual webinars with Jason Busch and Peter Smith talking about major issues of the last six months.
  • An enhanced entry in Spend Matters Almanac – an annual “bible” of procurement solution providers*

Why do we need to take out a subscription?

  1. We need to be up to date with what Spend Matters are saying about us – and our competition – in their research papers.  These papers receive thousands of downloads from practitioners, who will all still have free access. Frankly, we look silly when we meet clients and potential clients if we don’t know what the leading procurement analysts say about our products.
  2. Similarly, we need to know what is being published of relevance on the PRO website. That is not only material of direct relevance to us, but also includes (for instance) the most detailed and insightful coverage published anywhere of events such as the SAP acquisition of Ariba.
  3. It is not just a question of what is being said about us; we have found Spend Matters a valuable source of learning and education for staff at all levels, particularly to bring new recruits or those new to the industry up to speed.
  4. The additional publications (monthly and quarterly) will also provide useful additional information, and the chance to engage directly via the webinars is an additional benefit.
  5. Finally, the Almanac is likely to be referenced by thousands of practitioners. While we will receive a “basic” level entry even if we don’t subscribe, if we take out the Corporate subscription option, the enhanced entry will be more impactful and enable us to contribute some of our own material to the publication (rather than just factual material and a Spend Matters summary).

Based on this, I intend / I would like approval to spend $2995 on a PRO annual single-seat subscription and discuss the corporate option with Spend Matters.

Yours etc....


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