SolutionMap Q4 2019 – The Europe Contingent

Earlier this month Spend Matters released its Q4 2019 SolutionMap, comparatively ranking 59 procurement software companies across 12 solution categories, including E-Procurement, Sourcing, Spend Analytics, Supplier Relationship Management, Contract Lifecycle Management and Contingent Workforce & Services. Across the 12 tech areas it deep dives into solutions and providers and studies 1,000+ customer and peer reviews to factor into the vendor ratings.

The analysis also looks at platform-level capability and allows potential technology users to discern the level of integration between product modules and suites, overall interoperability with ERP and broader technologies, as well as the quality and effectiveness of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

SolutionMap is for procurement organisations and CPOs wishing to quickly and accurately identify a vendor shortlist during their tech selection process. It comprises an easy-to-navigate matrix, where vendors are mapped according to their categories and ‘personas,’ (see the definitions here) which match your company’s needs, and are placed in one of four market positions: customer leader, solution leader, value leader and emergent contender.

As market positions change, so the vendors move through the matrix quarter by quarter, and new entrants appear. See which new providers joined the rankings this quarter and see how to access the rankings for free here.

Notable activity in Europe

In terms of some of the Europe-based activity (and there is a growing presence of Europe-based firms in SolutionMap) companies such as AnyData Solutions, Orpheus, Wax Digital, Determine, Keelvar, Market Dojo, Opus Capita, have all made their mark in the various categories of SolutionMap.

Most notable news this quarter is that:

  • Jaggaer was scored by the Spend Matters analyst team for the first time as the integrated Jaggaer One (The firm has unified three of its product lines — Jaggaer Indirect, Jaggaer Direct and Jaggaer Advantage - into Jaggaer One, see an explanation of the modules here). Jaggaer One (formerly Jaggaer Indirect) has entered the S2P suite view rankings for the first time, in which it is placed a ‘Value Leader’ in Nimble, Turn-Key and CIO-Friendly personas.
    Jaggaer Supplier Management (formerly Indirect), rose back up into being a ‘Value Leader’ in four personas (except Nimble) of SXM SolutionMap.
  • Wax Digital has added Contract Lifecycle Management as a new category. Wax Digital was ‘a notable entrant’ earlier this year. While it dropped from four of the five personas in E-Procurement, remaining now a recommended fit in Nimble alone, it is a ‘Customer Leader’ across the board in its newly entered category of CLM).
  • Determine (a Corcentric company) dropped a persona or two each from I2P and P2P.
  • Ivalua jumped to ‘Value Leader’ in Source-to-Pay suites.
  • Germany-based Orpheus features in Spend Analytics only, but in all five ‘personas.’
  • Turkey-based Promena, eSourcing solutions, was a new entrant to the Sourcing SolutionMap category.
  • HICX scored well in master data management and other areas of supplier relationship management

To understand how to interpret SolutionMap and its naming conventions, read this. To see the deeper insight behind this quarter’s movements, apply to access the subscription-based Release Notes which form part of the ‘SolutionMap Insider’ subscriber offering.

It’s also worth noting that Spend Matters offers a members-only service to access Provider Scoring Summary reports and the ratings of all participating providers. You can also get ranking overviews by buying persona, buying recommendations and considerations, quarterly updates to SolutionMap summary solution scoring, SolutionMap results interpretation, the Release Notes, and persona deep-dive articles, exclusive historical views of SolutionMap rankings and support materials (beyond the current quarter). See here for pricing.

Spend Matters also offers specific SolutionMap benchmarking and strategy programmes for technology providers (subject to the terms of our competitive intelligence policy).



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