Some like it hot – September’s Real World Sourcing briefing sessions in Dubai & Abu Dhabi with Tejari and CIPS MENA

The week of September 8th, I will be in the United Arab Emirates again, flying a route with Emirates Airlines that does not take us over Ukraine, Syria, Gaza, Iraq ... I hope.

I’ll be there for two more sessions in our Real World Sourcing series of expert briefings. They’re sponsored by Tejari, the BravoSolution joint venture in the region, and supported by CIPS MENA too –thanks to them both for making this possible.

For this visit, the first topic is Transforming Procurement – Myth or Reality? That is in Dubai, on Tuesday 8th September at 4pm. We’ll be talking about what procurement transformation really means, and whether the term is being overused. We’ll consider how to go about real transformation, and how to take the organization with you – essential if you are going to make a real and lasting difference to procurement performance.

Then on the following day, Wednesday 9th, we head down the road to Abu Dhabi, same time, for Contract Management – Generating Real Value from your Contracts. This is a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin, extended version of the popular session we’ve run in the UK and Dubai already, and it’s an excellent topic. Virtually every organisation I know wants to get better at contract management, but issues remain, from understanding who should take the lead on the topic, to getting the right tools and support in place to make it work. We’ll cover those issues and more on the 9th.

The sessions are actually a little longer than when we ran these topics in the UK last year, so we can have a more in the way of exercises, discussion and Q&A, which is good. We have around 45 minutes of presentation and discussion, break for very good refreshments, then come back for another 45 minutes or so, wrapping up by 7pm with time for some final Q&A. I’ve found the audiences in Dubai and Abu Dhabi quite challenging (in a good way) with their questions too, so I look forward to some stimulating debate.

And you can still register for both session here on the Tejari website. See you there maybe!

(Our picture shows the two camels I brought back from previous trips to Dubai, enjoying a holiday in the sand. Why do we have a tray of sand in our kitchen?  It's a long story, involving a scientific experiment to ascertain the ideal mix of sand and water to make the perfect sandcastle ...)

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