Source-to-Pay Webinar Final Call – and BravoSolution Results


This is a final call for today’s BravoSolution Real World Procurement webinar - Is An Integrated Source-to-Pay Solution Right For You?

I’ll be doing it at 12 noon and 7pm UK time.  It will be live on both occasions, but repeated to give our US-based friends a chance to tune in without having to get up ridiculously early!  I’ll be talking about what source-to-pay means, what elements go into that overall process, and the pros and cos of various technology approaches.

It is not an advertisement for BravoSolution’s products, I should stress; indeed I am not really going to talk about specific vendors at all. This is about the business decision to go for source-to-pay, the pros, cons and alternative approaches and how you might look at a business case for investment.

You can still sign up here (if you are reading this before 7pm tonight anyway)!

But while we’re on the topic of BravoSolution, last week the firm gave some headline results for 2016. As a private firm, they don’t have to tell us too much, but revenues were up again (for the 16th straight year) to €85 million, but as that presumably includes some small benefit from the Puridiom acquisition for a few months, year-on-year comparisons are somewhat difficult. But “software bookings increased 20 percent” and “more than 150,000 buyers and practitioners are now using the suite to drive collaboration with more than 2.5 million suppliers worldwide”.

And we got a mention in the press release! One of their highlights was “educating over 2,000 global procurement professionals through its Real World Procurement digital webinar series”. Actually, it wasn’t just digital; we might add another 500+ or so folk through the live events in the UK and the UAE that Guy Allen and I delivered during the year.

Back to the results; here is Jim Wetekamp, the CEO.

“In today’s digital marketplace, procurement leaders are under immense pressure to leverage analytics and technology to uncover hidden savings, strengthen supplier relationships and drive top- and bottom-line value. Procurement’s ability to drive this type of competitive advantage stems from being able to uncover and share actionable intelligence with the rest of the organization. BravoAdvantage acts as a foundational platform for making this possible, positioning procurement organizations to transform digitally and unlock business value.”

2017 is key for the firm as they leverage that Puridiom acquisition into a real end-to-end source-to-pay platform. We’ll have more on that I’m sure through the rest of the year.

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