Sourcing Interests Group – “the good, the bad and the ugly”

We mentioned here the Sourcing Interest Group’s London Roundtable event on February 29th /  March 1st.  There are a few places left, and you can register to attend free of charge if you are a procurement practitioner!  (Sorry, that doesn’t apply to those of you on the provider side of things).

I’ve been working on my session, which will be on March 1st, and now have a title -  “Sourcing – the good, the bad and the ugly”!

Even after 50 years or more of procurement as a professional discipline, and despite outsourcing being accepted as a key business tool, why is it that so many major strategic outsourcing / sourcing contracts fail to deliver what is wanted by the parties involved?

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I’ll look at why this might be so, including some “warts and all” examples and case studies. I’m also going to introduce what I’m perhaps foolishly calling “a totally new concept in Sourcing”!

We’ve also got more detail on another of the keynote practitioner speeches, from the CPO of Symantec (the global Fortune 500 software firm).  This is going to focus on global approaches to category management  - “as companies expand their operations around the globe, it is crucial to deploy a globalized approach that effectively addresses all types of spend - from large recurring to small one-time purchases - across all business areas with the right strategies and expertise for each supply market.  Symantec will share how they are delivering a blend of global, regional and local strategies, market insights and talent to optimize spending and maximize business impact”

Sounds good... and other sessions feature Jamie Liddell, Editor of Outsource magazine, Alan Leaman, CEO of the Management Consultancies Association, and Carphone Warehouse talking about vendor relationship management.

Please follow this link for further details, and hope to see some of you there!

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