Sourcing Interests Group hit London – an offer you can’t refuse..

You may have noticed a new advert under our “lead sponsors” section over to the right there.  It’s an indication of what we think will be an exciting new partnership for Spend Matters, with an impressive organisation known as SIG – the Sourcing Interests Group.

SIG provides “an ongoing forum for networking and sharing thought leadership, innovation and “next” practices”. It is a membership organisation, founded in 1991, and brings together resourcing and outsourcing professionals with service providers and advisory firms in a “non-commercial” environment.

SIG are very strong in the US and are now bringing their “regional roundtable” event to London on February 29th / March 1stMore details and registration are available here.

What makes SIG different from other conference type organisations? Well, while they do follow a sponsorship model with providers funding the events, it is light touch compared to some. There are only a handful of sponsors, there are limitations on how many provider-side folk can attend and there’s no big exhibition hall or similar at the events.  It is all designed to make the event very much focused on the delegates – the sourcing / procurement professionals.

There’s a strong emphasis on discussion, round table debates, and time for networking between delegates as well.  And even better, for professional practitioners, this event is free!

SIG have a particularly strong focus on outsourcing, complex services and major IT / professional service type sourcing areas, so their events are particularly relevant for procurement people who are involved in those areas. If you’re into complex service categories, or major transactions, whether outsourcing, IT contracts, capital projects or similar, this should be of interest.

And those of you with a strong interest in sourcing-related technology should also consider it. Last year’s event, their first in London, had excellent presentations from SAP and Ariba – not in any sense sales pitches, but genuinely insightful and useful for senior procurement folk.

They’ve also got strong link-ups with two other organisations we rate highly – Horses for Sources, the leading outsourcing advisory, analyst and blogging outfit, and Outsource magazine, which we’ve raved about in the past.  Jamie Liddell, the editor of that publication, will be taking part in the London event as will Horses for Sources. And Alan Leaman, Chief Executive of the Management Consultancies Association is another speaker.

We’ll be back later in the week with more about this event, but I’ll leave you with one more reason to attend – I’m speaking on the second day, March 1st. (No, I said a reason TO attend)!  I’ve already been working on the session, and let’s just say I expect to launch a revolutionary new concept that will shock the sourcing world.... now there’s a promise...

Please do consider the event – or suggest it to a colleague if you think they would find it useful. Hope to see you there!

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