Sourcing Optimisation – Webinar Next Week


In the next webinar in the BravoSolution Real World Procurement series, next Tuesday April 25th, at 12 noon UK time then again at 7pm UK time (designed more for our US audience), I will be talking about Sourcing Optimisation - Understanding The Process and The Benefits.

The use of clever mathematical algorithms and huge amounts of computing power to drive complex sourcing exercises is something that all organisations of any reasonable size should be considering – including many parts of the public sector, incidentally. (Defence? Construction? Social care?)

What really interests me about this topic (apart from the clever Maths that even with my two-thirds of a Maths degree, I don’t fully understand) is:

  1. the real impact it can have on value achieved from supply markets, even in a spend area that looks to be pretty mature in terms of how the buying organisation has previously approached it.
  1. the implications here for procurement professionals – to get the most out of optimisation, we have to adjust the way we design and implement “strategic sourcing”, and we require some different skills and approaches from procurement people.

In our opinion, this is the biggest “new idea” in the sourcing element of "procurement" since category management itself. That’s a bold claim – so do sign up here for the session and see if you agree. There will be no more than 25 minutes of me talking, I promise, then plenty of time for some Q & A. I won’t be too mathematical either.

And you can also get hold of the sessions already held this year here, including the recent one from Professor Robert Handfield on “Innovative Data Leveraging for Procurement Analysis”.

See you next week!

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