Spectator series on countries that have cut their deficit (successfully!)

For those of a wider political bent, the Spectator, which is one of the very best political and current affairs websites whatever your political persuasion, has been running a series looking ahead to the Spending Review.  As part of that, they've had articles on how Canada and New Zealand managed to cut their deficits successfully; and very interesting they are too.

As we approach the UK Spending Review next month which will lay out more detailed plans for our own reductions, I'll leave you to judge whether the Coalition is going down the right track based on these experiences elsewhere.  In all honesty it is probably too early to say, and how well the process is being managed may not be clear until we are well into implementation phase.  But it does concentrate the mind to think that one day in not too many years' time, the current UK experience will be used as a case study itself; and in all probability, as an example of either great success or great failure.  The scale of what is planned here means it is unlikely to end up somewhere between!

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