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Following the launch of the Spend Matters 50 to Know and 50 to Watch, our US site and our colleagues there have started running through all the providers to give the reasoning behind their inclusion. These are brilliant short summaries of each company’s offerings, and will be of great value for many readers.

We are adding our comments about the firms; for some we may have little to add, but for others we can offer further value and insight. We will then give you the link to the US post for you to read in full if you wish.

So in terms of BravoSolution, our readers will know we have a close relationship, the firm having been sponsors of this site and supporters of the Real World Sourcing Series.  It has had significant success in the UK's public sector, through a combination of products that meet the particular needs of the sector, but also via its people who are often ex-procurement practitioners themselves and understand well the challenges of their clients.

But in the past couple of years, it has strengthened its position in the private sector too, focusing on providing spend analytics and contract management solutions as well as promoting  its 'core' sourcing products. And it has made big strides into other geographies, notably the Middle East (through its Tejari jv)  and now Australia. This has all placed the firm now  in the top tier of solution providers in its market sectors.

Here's an excerpt from the US review:

"The success of BravoSolution in both the private and public sectors (in Europe) is due to specializing in the strategic side of procurement (rather than transactional support and connectivity). It is for their capabilities and expertise in strategic procurement that we’ve included them in the Spend Matters 50/50 “know” list (see Providers to Watch and Providers to Know)."

"BravoSolution is not just about SaaS software ... what really completes the package is their surrounding support inclusive of software and optional services ..."

You can read the whole report here

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