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Following the launch of the Spend Matters 50 to Know and 50 to Watch list, our US site and our colleagues are running through all the providers to give the reasoning behind their inclusion. These are brilliant short summaries of each company’s offerings, and will be of great value for many readers. We are adding our comments about the firms; for some we may have little to add, but for others we can offer further value and insight. We will then give you the link to the US post for you to read in full if you wish.

Of course, as a Swedish / UK based firm, although with a highly international client base, we know Trade Extensions well. A combination of Scandinavian Maths genius and ex-Mars Group commercial nous, they're a fascinating bunch with a product that is (as we've said in a couple of previous research papers) challenging the traditional processes of category management. They are growing rapidly, and really do have a range of huge blue-chip customers that any firm would envy - although there is a high degree of confidentiality here, as 'market informed sourcing' as we call it can convey real competitive advantage to those who use it.

Our US site had this to say about the firm:

"... the growing complexity of procurement and supply chain activities present truly amazing possibilities but also confusion, uncertainty, and risk with no guarantee of better transparency ... Trade Extensions, whose technology is often used in a narrow manner as a best of breed solutions for logistics sourcing, is perhaps the one provider that is ideally suited to help companies embrace this complexity far beyond just the movement of goods."

"What makes Trade Extensions unique are these stories of sourcing and supply chain design coming together across diverse categories ranging from direct materials to contingent labor to packaging to printing at all tiers of the supply chain."

The full report can be read here.

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