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blurGroup is London- and Exeter-based, and I’ve personally had quite a few discussions with them – more so than my US colleagues. It’s probably fair to say I am somewhat more positive about its overall business than Jason Busch, although I share some of his concerns about aspects of its business model (such as the fee levels). And let’s not talk about the stock market valuation ...

But the basic proposition of a services marketplace is interesting, the website and user interface are attractive and well designed,  and I am impressed by the way it has focused on supply-side community building as well as the buy-side.  I’m not convinced that users are going to put many of their mega-requirements through the platform, but as a means of managing tricky ‘tail spend’ in certain services categories ... it could be an interesting option.

Here’s an excerpt of what Spend Matters US had to say:

“Not every vendor on the Spend Matters 50/50 list is one we think is a ubiquitous and “must-use” provider. One in particular interests us for their business model and investor enthusiasm as much as their reach of solution differentiation. And this provider is, of course, blur Group …”

“The company is a classic marketplace, serving as an intermediary between buyers and suppliers, and in this case, providing some degree of guarantee as to the effectiveness of a given supplier to perform. In other words, those who get the business are vetted, and blur provides some type of indemnification in the event of a failure to perform or other misstep ...”

Read the whole US piece here



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