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Now we have announced the Spend Matters 50 to Know and 50 to Watch, our US site and my colleagues there have started running through all the providers to give the reasoning behind their inclusion. These are brilliant short summaries of each company’s offerings,  and will be of great value I know for many readers.

So rather than just copying the US pieces, I am adding any comments I might have on the firm, then give you the link to the US post. You can decide whether you want to read the whole US piece. Now in some cases, my entire comment will be ‘I don’t really know this firm’. In some cases, I will be able to add some further value and insight myself.

Today, another firm I know by reputation only – Nipendo, from the highly dynamic field of e-invoicing. Here are a couple of excerpts from the Spend Matters US coverage.

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"Nipendo has many claims to fame (in our view), and one of them is machine-to-machine integration across all supplier types/sizes that is the centerpiece of its platform-based connectivity approach. In fact, Nipendo even has gone so far as to guarantee that it will be able to connect suppliers in a systems-to-systems manner for e-invoicing to enable the straight-through processing of invoices with this promise: if it’s not processed automatically (i.e., approved or kicked-back to the supplier), you don’t pay.

Nipendo is the real deal when it comes to supporting both application capability in P2P, such as e-invoicing and the connectivity or network layer itself (although it is built in a many-to-many fashion and is capable of enabling multi-tier visibility, unlike other first generation supplier networks). We believe they are a serious threat (as it should be) to both legacy network players and EDI vendors across industries. But it’s more than just a potential replacement for those, as well as for an applications provider. Nipendo brings novel ideas not only to connectivity models and functional enablement, but also to more mundane (yet critical) areas such as supplier enablement and on-boarding strategies to maximize uptake."


Read the whole Spend Matters US article here.




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