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Now we have announced the Spend Matters 50 to Know and 50 to Watch, our US site and my colleagues there have started running through all the providers to give the reasoning behind their inclusion. These are brilliant short summaries of each company’s offerings,  and will be of great value I know for many readers.

Rather than just copying the US pieces, I am adding any comments I might have on the firm, then give you the link to the US post. You can decide whether you want to read the whole US piece. Now in some cases, my entire comment will be ‘I don’t really know this firm’. In some cases, I will be able to add some further value and insight myself.

And in the case of Sourcemap, I provided much of the input to our Spend Matters US piece, as I have had the pleasure of looking at and writing about the product previously here. It is a very neat solution that combines elements of supplier information and risk management with opportunities for collaboration, and even the opportunity to drive CSR best practice.

Here’s an excerpt from our SM US piece:

The Sourcemap business arose from an initial innovative and valuable idea – enabling an open, public crowdsourcing approach to understanding supply chains, with contributors feeding in their knowledge of supply chains for the main consumer products. While some of these elements remain, the firm developed more corporate tools, helping organizations understand and “map” their own supply chains and collaborate better with suppliers.

…We’re perhaps even more impressed by the work they are doing in the chocolate industry, taking the crowdsourcing idea to another level with cocoa growers in Africa – pulling data together and driving collaboration in a manner that will help buying organizations commercially, but also has potentially huge social and economic benefit to the growers.… it also contributes to the wider and greater human good while putting a truly elegant, aesthetic – and inspirational – set of capabilities in front of procurement team members.

Read the whole Spend Matters US piece here.

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